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Motivational Coach / Insightful Consultant 

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"87% of Millennials say development is important in a job. People who use
their strengths everyday are six times as likely to be engaged on the job."
    - Rick 


Rick Bailard is a certified Gallup “Strengths” trainer and coach.  He works with all types of organizations wanting to increase the productivity, diversity, team collaboration and over-all bottom line. Statistics show that every workforce will work smarter and harder when organizations invest in each person’s development. “StrengthsFinders” and Gallup’s leadership training in conjunction with Rick’s 35 years’ experience in speaking and human development will transform teams and cultures everyday effectiveness. Rick’s passion and style is unmatched.

What do 200 of the Fortune 500 companies do to have more synergy, better team collaboration, higher levels of connectedness and productivity? They all use unique strengths to grow their companies.


Why build a strength-based culture? Because…

  • 85% of employees say lack of collaboration is what causes work failures.

  • 53% of employees say performance reviews do not motive them to work harder.

  • 64% of Millennials are less likely to switch jobs if they are engaged at work.

​TOP 10 BENEFITS you'll receive when working with Rick:

  1. Move your career to the next level

  2. Raise your self awareness

  3. Raise your teams’ awareness and engagement

  4. Help your work be more meaningful

  5. Develop different ways to grow and learn

  6. Move people out of their ruts and stagnation

  7. Improve team dynamics and optimize employee performance

  8. Discover a strengths-based language that will help team members connect, value each other and work more effectively together

  9. Develop a higher level of engagement

  10. Increase team members' productivity, profitability, retention rate and safety rate


  • Individual Empowerment

  • Strengths Vs. Weaknesses

  • Team Building

  • Managing Blind Spots


  • Why focus on strengths vs. personality?

  • How to leverage differences and diversity to build a more cohesive team

  • How to unlock your potential and those on your team

  • How to change a company’s culture

"As a manager, his insights of myself and my team changed the way

I approached every situation. Rick is the perfect coach for your team."
                                                                          - Hannah, Operations, Director of Growth 

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