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"I want to provide value to content and relationships"

Charles Shambry was raised in a very abusive home. Domestic violence was a regular event with two mentally disabled parents. Father received only a 3rd grade education and mother committed suicide due to extreme depression. Raised partly by his grandparents Charles lived a double life one in the church and one in the streets. He risked death and prison as a statistic. Almost dropped out school till he met one mentor that inspired him to improve his life and to become a better person. Because this his grades improved and he went from having 1point, 2point, 3point to a 4point grade point average or straight A’s in high schools. From this pivotal moment in high school, Charles has worked tirelessly to make a different in the community. He has performed many presentations on conflict management, depression and suicide as a way to give back.  

Prior to full-time keynote and public speaking Charles has been in sales for several years breaking records and maintaining high ranking amounts sales organizations. He was involved in marketing for telecommunications, health/life insurance, university, colleges, real estate, publishers and the like. Charles also owned and managed a retail store the just under a decade before the great recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s.

Charles is a professional speaker/trainer traveling around the world speaking on various subjects such as diversity, civil rights, communications, psychology, leadership, conflict management, finance and insurance. He still maintains a license as an Insurance Broker. Mr. Shambry is a second-generation entrepreneur. A US Veteran with an honorable discharge. He is currently holds an office as Superintended over a non-profit that maintains over 400 members. Charles is a host and contributor on KBOO Radio 90.7FM for the Evening News.  He is heavily involved as a member in Toastmaster International which is a leadership and public speaking club that conducts meeting globally. He currently serves as one of the hosts and President over TV Toastmasters presiding over 4 locations in Beaverton, Gresham, Oregon City and Portland. The cable TV telecast is broadcast to 500k plus viewers in the Metro area. With Toastmaster’s he is appointed as a (CC) Competent Communicator and (CL) Competent Leader*. He holds applied Ministries Certification which involved marketing and public speaking from Griggs University and studied 4 years in Theology. Graduated with another 4 years with a (BS) degree in Business Administration majoring in Entrepreneurship. Charles's main goal is to provide value to content and relationships.

"Great speaker! I learned a great deal from Charles."
     -Chad Scarbrough- Director of Employee Development-NFL Seattle Seahawks 

"Best trainer and speaker we ever had"                             -Manager at a Disability Center

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