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"If you want to do

great things, you've

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Larry Broughton is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  As a former Staff Sergeant, serving 8 years on Special Forces A-Teams (commonly known as the Green Berets), Larry has parlayed the lessons learned from his time in service to his country and applied them to the business arena attaining extraordinary success.

He is the Founder & CEO of broughtonHOTELS (, a leader in the boutique hotel industry; and, an inspirational online learning forum for leaders and high achievers.   Larry has received several business awards, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year®, the National Veteran-Owned Business Association’s Vetrepreneur® of the Year, Coastline Foundation’s Visionary of the Year, Passkeys Foundation’s National Business Leader of Integrity, and his firm was recently awarded HSMAI’s 2018 Best of the Best Hotel Management Company of the Year and has also been included on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Larry has authored several articles and books on leadership, team building and entrepreneurial significance, including his newest book, an Amazon #1 bestseller, VICTORY: 7 Revolutionary Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Launch Your Business, Elevate Your Impact and Transform Your Life, and FLASHPOINTS for Achievers.  His upbeat, creative approach to business and life has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles across the country and he’s been a guest on news and TV programs on every major network, including multiple appearances on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, MSNBC’s Your Business with JJ Ramberg, and Travel Channel’s hit show, Hotel Impossible.  CBS News has called Larry “the nation’s foremost expert on leadership and entrepreneurship.”


Larry has presented to, coached, and mentored thousands of current and aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs across the country.  He has delivered keynote addresses and training programs on topics including entrepreneurship, leadership, and overcoming fear and failure to Fortune 100 firms, universities, non-profits, medical facilities, and even the Pentagon’s Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 


Larry has attended the Executive Program at prestigious Stanford University; studied Russian at the world-renowned Defense Language Institute; and Political Science at University of California, Santa Barbara and College of San Mateo.

For more information on Larry, please visit, and

Popular Keynote Programs by Larry Broughton

My humorous, uplifting and inspiring keynotes can be up to 90-minutes and are perfect for all associations, entrepreneur and corporate functions, college/university events, and medium to large organizations.

F* WORDS for Leadership & Life

Emotional barriers of fear and failure are part of every leader and high-achiever’s journey. Larry shares inspiring stories and practical tips to move audiences closer to their fullest potential and overcome any obstacle.

Audience Members will Learn:

1) How to break through barriers of FEAR, FAILURE, and other F* Words that shackle them to mediocrity
2) A new approach to overcoming adversity
3) The keys of loving a more productive, high-impact and significant life

Five Special Ops Strategies to Build Elite Teams

Based on his background serving on elite US Army Special Forces A-Teams and his entrepreneurial experience building teams that outmaneuver and outperform larger, better-funded organizations, Larry discusses the ideal profile of effective teams and offers tools, techniques, and resources to create and motivate teams to greatness.

Audience Members will Learn:

1) Strategies to attract the top performers in their field
2) How to eliminate water cooler complaining and understand their team’s needs and wants
3) Practical tips to foster loyalty, creativity, and a never-surrender spirit in their team


Change happens when the cost of the status quo is greater than the risk of change. In business, leadership, and life, change is the one constant, yet scares and paralyzes most leaders and team members. Winston Churchill famously said, “We must take change by the hand or rest assuredly, change will take us by the throat.”

Audience Members will Learn:

1) Inspiring leadership techniques that will reduce fear and increase innovation in the face of change
2) How to pursue positive change to propel them towards a life of significance and success
3) Techniques to navigate the rough waters of change and to infuse a spirit of anticipation, confidence, and excitement to any     team challenge

Customizable Half-Day, Full-Day and Two-Day Programs are also available for your event.

Please contact Melissa Papke at (714) 793-8205 for more information. Additionally, I can create custom keynote presentations and talks on:

·       Tenacity

·       Transformational Leadership

·       Elite Team Building

·       Entrepreneurship

·       Peak Performance

·       Overcoming Obstacles

·       Inspiration & Motivation

·       Navigating Change

·       Integrity

·       Veteran Issues

·       Military Veteran Causes

·       Personal Growth

·       Hospitality Industry Related Topics

·       And more!

Discover some of Larry's best-selling books... 

Victory Book image

VICTORY: 7 Revolutionary Strategies to Launch Your Business, Elevate Your Impact and Transform Your Life

These strategies are: Vision, Intel, Coaching, Team, Ops, Rapid Action, and YOU! Each one of these chapters provides simple but powerful action steps in those areas to catapult your success, as well as surprising insights Larry has gleaned through years of his Military experience and working with thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the world.

Flash Points book cover

Insightful Messages That Bring Significant Results

FLASHPOINTS for Achievers daily journal offers bite-size, high-octane, thought provoking messages to inspire transformation among those who desire to perform at the top of their game. The full-color 365-day journal format offers a fresh FLASHPOINTS each day to inspire moments of clarity and brilliance for leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and anyone who wants to be and achieve more. 

"Larry is a consummate professional. He is smart, visionary and wise - wisdom obtained through a track record of success. Larry is the kind of guy you hope one day to get the chance to do business with."
                                             -Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine 

"I have heard a lot of speakers, and I can say without question that Larry is the most inspiring speaker to ever talk to our population. Larry gets it! He's lived what our warriors have lived, and he knows what is in front of them. Like a good soldier, he's passing on his knowledge so others can navigate the landmines of life and be successful." 

                        - Al Giordano, Co-Founder Wounded Warrior Project 

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