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Public Speaker / Trainer / Life Strategist 

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"GO BIG! Take risks and live the

life you were meant to live."
- Emily 

Emily Purry is a public speaker, trainer, keynote, disability rights advocate and coach and life strategy coach in Portland, Oregon. Legally blind herself, and the parent of a child with autism, she brings her personal and professional experience together in a unique way to help move companies forward. Emily delivers presentations and trainings on disability topics relevant to today's business environment. She specializes in accessibility, technology, and the world of ADA. Emily provides valuable content from her lived experiences as a person with a disability.

The purpose of each presentation is to educate companies and organizations about disability in a positive, productive way. With a population of more than 450,000 working Oregonians reporting a disability, it is very likely that your business has employees or clients experiencing visible or non-visible disabilities impacting their daily lives.


Emily's experience working in the Government and non-profit sector, and serves on the Multnomah County Community Involvement Committee. Currently, she also serves on The State of Oregon Rehabilitation Council. Emily has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Master’s in Business Management, and is a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.


Contact Emily today to begin creating change in your community!

"Emily is a professional speaker that takes complex work/life situation and finds practical means to help us all incorporate our equity and diversity lens in the workplace."
                                                                                                 - Government Employee 

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